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Adélia Clavien from Miège (VS) is born in Portugal, has been living in Switzerland since 1981, and lives in Trélex.

Although she spent a long time among the artistic community in Valais, she attended her first painting courses and started photography in St Gall where she lived 10 during years. Curious and passionate, Adélia has been fascinated by Arts since she was young and has been working in the IT domain for over 20 years.
As an artist, she works in an autodidactic and passionate manner. She explores various painting technics (acrylic, photo-acrylic, vitrail etc) and use her knowledge of photography to created original paintings mixed with photography. 

The various presented themes allow us to escape in a colored and mysterious universe – Adelia’s universe.
Adelia works part-time in order to have more time for her artistic activities (photography, painting, music, dancing). Self-educated, she is multitalented, speaks several languages, plays several music instruments, is comfortable with the new technology, and is a naturally open person. Please feel free to have a look at her personal website (http://www.adelia.ch) 

2019: Exhibition in preparation Swiss Art Expo in Zurich August 15 to 19
2019: Exhibition in preparation gallery “La Maison de la Treille” in Sion January 5 to 27
2018: Exhibition by K. Dunn & S. MCgeary in Durham North Caroline USA - October 11 - 31 (extended to 31 December)
2018: Exhibition Salon de l’art contemporain de Lyon in Lyon France September 28 - 30 
2018: Group exhibition gallery Place Suisse des Arts “MyBestArt” in Lausanne August 10 - 25
2018: Exhibition gallery Petit Chêne in Lausanne May 1 - 31 
2018: Exhibition gallery Esquisse in Nyon April 5 - 22
2017: Exhibition Espace de la Grenette à Nyon August 26 - September 9
2015: Group exhibition TrelezArts in Trélex May 8 -10

Since 2012: Year long exhibition of photography and paintings available at the Raiffeisen Bank Head Office in Lausanne, at the Head Technology Office (SOI) LS in Lausanne, at Generali Nyon and other institutions
2007-2008: Took part into the group exhibition “Tous Photographes”, Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne
2009: Contributes and publishes photography books for the Publishing House Chiado Editora in Lisbon, Portugal - Profits from selling these books are given to the following charities “Meninos de Oiro” et “Abraço”

Personnal Website for acrylic paintings: http://www.adelia.ch/ArtForYou/album/index.html
Personal web pages for thematical photography works (Urban, Human, White and Black, Landscapes, Animals, Flowers, Abstracts): http://www.adelia.ch/photoGallerie.htm
Public website for group photography exhibition: http: //olhares.sapo.pt/Adelita
For further information regarding Adelia: http://www.adelia.ch